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A centenarian family business

The foundations of Cales Pascual were laid down many years ago. To be precise in 1886. The ancestors of the current owners, knew perfectly well how to hand make the best building materials. Since its creation, the company has operated thanks to an unbeatable combination of quality, experience and customer satisfaction.

Pioneer and leader in export 

Cales Pascual is currently the Spanish leader in exports of lime and calcium hydrates. In 1972 the company began to carry out its first operations and exports abroad and today, the company offers its services in more than 25 countries. Along the way, Cales Pascual has accumulated many years of experience, customer service and a constant quest for innovation.

A wide distribution network

As a company dedicated to the world of construction, growth came in a logical an orderly manner through a commercial network that has gradually expanded, formed by representatives and warehouses for the distribution of all of the company’s products. Find out the details about our distribution channel and the advantages for your own business.


Pascual Afrique Export


In 2004, the constant growth in exports, placed this activity as the company's main volume of business and led to the creation of Pascual Afrique Export in order to provide this commercial activity its own identity and resources.

From then on, the second company of the Pascual Group has been dedicated to exclusively attending the needs of their clients from a great number of African countries and ones located in other continents, such as the Dominican Republic.


This is our only premise. How can we describe the business activity of Pascual Group? No matter the complexity of the process, the result is simple: if our customer requires something, we will find a way to get it. Whatever the customer can imagine, we can provide it.

We analyze the needs of your company and advise you on the most suitable products, the different formats in which they are available and the ways to use them that will allow you to make the best use of them.

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