Lime as a disinfectant: an effective solution in the fight against Covid-19

Lime is a product of natural origin that has been used since ancient times as a disinfectant. As a result of its high percentage of alkalinity, it prevents bacteria and microorganisms from adhering to both interior and exterior surfaces.

Whilst we are currently fighting against this pandemic, lime is reaffirmed as an ally of our health, since its use is highly effective both in water treatment and in the sterilization of objects and spaces susceptible to some type of contamination.

Lime makes it possible to purify water and eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi that it may contain. This property is providential during these times of expansion of the Covid-19, as the safety of recuperated water must be guaranteed at all times for its reuse.

It is also worth remembering the ancestral use of lime to whiten houses with a double objective: to paint and to disinfect.

As it already happened in the fight against other pandemics throughout the history of humanity, lime offers us all its purifying properties to eradicate the virus that currently haunts us.